Monday, April 1, 2013

Accountability Month

This month I initiated, a different form of accountability. Traditionally I consume many books in the span of a month. Unfortunately, I tend to quickly transition to the next book without significantly benefiting from the gifts of the penned authors.
Illustrator Credit: Inslee Haynes

However, this month will begin a non-quasi experimental journey. In my anecdotal journey I have absolutely little notion of the results.

Like some of the awesome bloggers and coaches before me (Julie Powell, Leslie Samuel, Pat Flynn, and Fabienne Fredrickson, just to name a few), I am making an initial attempt to be as transparent as ethically possible. A brief reflection was written in my April 1, 2013 blog post about how I plan to implement the data from Judy Carters most recent book. To read more about the genesis of my latest foray into anxiety, read "The Message of Me: Why I Started This Journal-Blog."

Wish Me Positive Energy


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