Why I Started This Journal-Blog

Last month I read a fabulous book (via audible.com) titled, THE MESSAGE OF YOU, by Speaker, Coach, and Humorist, Judy Carter. The book was chock full of hand-holding actionable strategies for monetizing ones story or message.

As I consumed Judy Carter's book, with anticipatory giddiness I was easily able to envision my own presentations. With hopeful imagination, I began to long for a perspective that was  not only content-driven but also entertaining, thought-provoking, and provided motivational seeds that would allow listening audiences to pay it forward.

To make a long story short, since reading Judy's book I wondered;  if followed with meticulous step-by-step application, would Judy Carter's strategies yield significant results? Naturally, as a Clinical Psychologist, I hearkened back to the hundreds of research studies I was exposed to during my clinical training. As a consumer of research in my private practice, I rely - in part, to the scientists who have replicated evidenced-based studies over and over again, thankfully with predictive results.

However, there are two distinct differences that can't be ignored, I am not a creator of research data and I don't plan to be the Rosa Parks of this project. Plus, no one in their ever-lovin' sane mind would consider my preliminary ramblings anything close to scientific.

Other than the testimonials of Judy Carter's consultees,  my only other glimmer of comparative hope would be the application of  Julie Powell's solo (none-scientific but eye-opening) experiment, as she blogged about her journey of Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

Geez, I don't know if I'm ready to share my preliminary thoughts with my Master-mind group. Why not? Oh wha' da heck.

Well, let's hope this canary exits the mine alive. Stay tuned.
Brigitte T. Griffin,
An Admitted OCPD

Brigitte is a licensed Private Practice Clinical Psychologist who dwells in the crack-den affectionately known as Pinterest. She blogs regularly about her deferred dreams of being an Interior Designer in a Private Practice With Style Blog.