Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Message of Me Toolbox

As I began my morning coffee-ritual, I appreciated the importance of gathering the essential items for my Message of Me toolbox; needed during my journey of becoming a professional speaker.

Although I've set a 365-day (52-week) goal to become an established professional speaker, my fantasy is to accomplish this in significantly less time.

Thus far, gathering the basic items hasn't been as anxiety-provoking as I imagined. Perhaps my initial relative calm is related to the ease with which Judy Carter's book provides a syllabus, disguised as anticipatory clues, to the basic action-steps.

In Judy's book, THE MESSAGE OF YOU, she addresses the importance of establishing a support system. Thus far, I've gathered the basic items for my toolbox. Personally, without these basic items, my journey could be wrought with isolation.
My support system will include
* My Husband
* My Accountability Partner from my Master-Mind Group
* My Virtual Mentor via her book - Judy Carter

My Recording Devices
* My Android Phone
* My iPad
* Journaling via my The Message of Me blog

My Notebooks
* My Android Phone
* My iPad

Half a Century of Wisdom
I was talking with one of my most ardent supporters - My husband, who highlighted the importance of life-skills and experience.

The quotes that have resonated for me:
"'s not always the talented ones who end up with major careers, its the ones who never gave up..."
~ Judy Carter

" The entertainment industry might be notorious for ageism, but the speaking industry actually want you to look, act, and be older!"
~ Judy Carter


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